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Coach Catalyst is made by coaches, for coaches.
Because we've been in your shoes, we know the struggles of staying on top of clients as your business grows.

That's why we built a software that saves you time, eliminates administrative headaches and allows you to scale what you do best - COACH. 

Trusted by some of the best in the industry:


It was a no brainer

After a quick phone call with Trevor it was a "no brainer" for me.

We were able to add a completely new profit system by offering nutrition as a separate component with a super high profit margin.

Nathan Stowe , Stowe Training Systems

The engagement was crazy!

It was so simple and so powerful and effective. It allowed me to nurture 200 and some ladies all at once.

My clients loved it! The engagement on their assignments more than TRIPLED! It totally changes their behavior and their thoughts and in turn their results.

Holly Rigsby , Fit Yummy Mummy

We're averaging over $2000/mo using Coach Catalyst!

With our 10-week nutrition courses and 21-Day Jumpstarts we are averaging around $2000/mo using Coach Catalyst. We also used it to run our annual Sizzlin' Summer Slimdown 6-week challenge, and the gross revenue on that was $8800.

Dean Carlson , Get Fit NH

Start A Program Today!

You've always wanted to run a challenge or nutrition coaching program in your gym, but actually creating the programs always seems so daunting. 

In Coach Catalyst, we give you 20+ Done-For-You programs that you can start using with your clients right away. 

The best part, all of the content is completely customizable! So you can keep the parts you like and change the parts you don't.

Reach Your Client's Where They Spend Their Time

Your clients spend most of their time on their phone. So stop trying to fight to get through their email inbox. 

Cut through the noise by sending daily notifications and messages directly to their smart phone and stay top of mind. 


Set up personalized messages a head of time to go out to check-in and motivate your clients without adding extra work to your plate. 

Forget Email Threads

Don't let messages get lost in your cluttered inbox again. Each member gets their own personalized message thread so you can easily see all your communication history in one spot. 

Stand Out From The Crowd

Coach Catalyst is built to let you be the coach in charge. We supply the platform but you customize it to fit your business. 

Whether that's changing the content, uploading your business logo and colors, or creating what metrics you want your clients to track. 

Stop running someone else's system. Your business is unique. 

Stand out to your clients!

Explore The Possibilities

With our flexible platform, the use cases are infinite! Here are just a few creative ways coaches are using Coach Catalyst right now.

Transformation Challenges

Stand out from your competition by adding an extra level of accountability to your challenges. 

Client On-boarding

Cut through the clutter of email and reach them directly where it matters most - their smart phone!

Nutrition Coaching

Add an additional revenue stream to your business by adding nutrition coaching without adding any extra work.

Measurement Tracking

Track weight, bodyfat %, performance metrics and even progress photos! You choose what metics you want your clients to track. 

Client Communication

Cut through the clutter of email and reach them directly where it matters most - their smart phone!

Photo Food Journal

Sick of trying to guess what your clients are eating? Have them keep a photo food journal and never guess on portion sizes again. 

Make Coach Catalyst your next move.

Ta​ke a 30-day test drive for only $1. 

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