June Updates!

It's that time again! More updates are being pushed live to Coach Catalyst (with some other cool ones coming soon) so we wanted to give you all the details.


Deleting Metrics

You can now go in and delete a metric or photo in a clients account. While this might not be something that comes up a lot for you, when it does it eliminates a lot of headaches!

Just go to a clients metric page and scroll down. You will see a table of data points with a trash can icon next to each one.

Click on the trash can to delete a particular data point. ​

That's it! Simple, easy and effective. Just like we like our features!​

No More Marketplace??​

That's right, the marketplace is going bye-bye.

We are ditching the Premium and Standard Program designations and MAKING EVERYTHING FREE!!

That's right. Moving forward every new program or piece of content that we create for Coach Catalyst will be included with your membership! 

Why are we doing this? It's simple. We don't want anything to stand in your way of delivering the very best programs and coaching to your clients. 

​This should be up live the week of June 5th so keep an eye on the Programs tab next week.

We are working with some big names in the industry right now to get their programs on Coach Catalyst. A few of those programs will be password protected (they are specifically for those of you who have gone through their programs) but there will never be any additional charge from Coach Catalyst.  


What do we have in the pipeline for you?

In the near future we are working on a better workflow and user experience on the Client Index page. It takes too many clicks right now to check on the details of a client and send them a check-in message.

We are working on improving that experience to save you time and improve your Super Human coaching powers!

We are also working on A TON of new content​!

By the end of the month our goal is to have four new programs in CC with a few more coming soon.

Most of these will be different 28 day challenges you can use with your clients immediately along with some well known programs you might have seen in our industry!

​That is it for today! I hope you enjoy the new updates in Coach Catalyst. Remember to join our private Facebook group to get more of these updates.

If you are not a Coach Catalyst member, you can try us out for 30 days for only $1. ​I am confident this is the best $1 bet you can make for your business! Click below to create an account.

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