Fit Friday Roundup - 6/09/17

It has been a crazy week around FF (my gym), we launched our first couple's vegas challenge.  If they lose 20 pounds as a couple they get a free vacation package in Vegas.  Couldn't be happier with it, it's been a massive lead generator for us and kicked up the energy in the gym.  

And, at Coach Catalyst headquarters we just made every program in our marketplace FREE which is a killer deal for our coaches as we have a TON of content in there.  Programs that were selling for $100-$150 are not gratis because we love our coaches that much.  If a coach isn't making 10x their investment in Coach Catalyst they aren't even trying.  

Despite the craziness, Fit Friday must live on so here is what I found this week around the internets.

Hot Off The Press

Lack of Sleep and Hormone Havoc - Dr. Brooke Kalanick (T-nation)

I wonder if she is related to Travis Kalanick of Uber fame?  

Just googled it, not his wife, so maybe a long long long long lost cousin. I bet that guy doesn't get any sleep, especially recently.  Hopefully his long long long long lost cousin Dr. Brooke can shed some light (heh) so he can get some more shut eye.  I really like Uber.  

You probably need some shut eye too and so do your clients.  At the end of the article, Dr. Brooke actually gives some great recommendations for those who can't get to sleep and for those we can't stay asleep. Stuff you can use with your clients immediately.  Happy zzzzz's!

One Lift a Day Program Dan John (T-Nation)

I have a 7 month old at home, coach 20-25 hours a week, try to coach up my coaches and run the gym, and am building a start-up.  To say the least my days are busy, which I like, and some days are crazy.  This means that hardcore workouts may take a back seat most days.  

I don't have time to develop or even complete 90 minute crushing workouts.  As I was researching other articles I came across this timeless piece by Dan John, the master of simplicity and felt it needed a re-birth.  

When life gets busy we don't need to stop training we just need to cut the fluff and focus on essentials. 

The Agility Ladder - Useful Tool or Waste of Time? - CJ Murphy (EliteFTS)

Few things in the fitness industry are as polarizing as the agility ladder outside of talking about the C word.

CJ gives a refreshing take on our foe, the agility ladder or is it a friend.  

A Goblet Squat Variation For Every Training Goal - Dr. John Rusin

Dr. John may have just set the record for most words written about the goblet squat.  If you can't find a valuable take away from this article you should probably start writing articles because you know too much.  

Easy Training is Good Training - Tony Gentilcore 

Here is a quote from this article "10% of your workouts you're going to feel like Mick Jagger the day after.  You feel like a bag of dicks.  I don't know what a bag of dicks feels like, but I can assure you it (probably) ain't good."

If that quote doesn't get you curious about this article you should check your pulse.  

3 Intriguing Articles in Science Daily

- Eggs can significantly increase growth in young children
- Is white or whole wheat bread 'healthier?' Depends on the person
- Compression tights don't help runners reach finish line, study reveals

Happy Weekend Reading!

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