Fit Friday Roundup - 6/02/17

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Hot Off The Press

Tip: Do You Meet These 5 Fitness Standards - Tom Bumgardner (T-nation)

Where do you stack up on these simple fitness standards?  

Stop Overthinking Small Decisions - Alex (Groove Blog)

Although not you typical fitness resource, this Groove blog smacked me in the face as a business owner.  How many small decisions have I wasted too much time on?  Too many to count!

Make a decision.  Right now. Read this article.

Fatigue and Exercise: A Review of Science and Implementation - Luke Olsen (EliteFTS)

Do you ever get tired during exercise?  Didn't think article.

Oh, you do!  Why does it happen?  Yeah, I had no idea either.  

Yes, this article has references, which means it legit.  Enjoy!

The Best Exercise for Aging Muscle - Gretchen Reynolds (The New York Times)

Need a piece to share on your Facebook page to validate your existence as an exercise professional?  Boom!

Your Championship Plan - Pat Rigsby

Pat has been an integral part of my own fitness business education, a mentor and a friend for many years.  He is a coach through and through.  His special power is taken seemingly complicated concepts and simplifying them with his Louisville drawl.  When Pat talks fitness business people listen. 

Pull up a seat!

Top 3 Mobility Drills for Lifters - Dr. John Rusin (T-Nation)

A Fit Friday wouldn't be complete without some actual exercise.  You lift big, but your mobility sucks.  

Fix it now!

Long week for this guy, hope you enjoy the articles. 

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