Fit Friday Roundup - 5/26/17

Thanks for stopping by for another edition of Fit Friday.  Today, we learn all about why exercise is better than drugs and the best type of diet and exercise for a socialite  🙂


Hot Off The Press

How Harmful Are Processed Foods -

Intuitively we know that too many zebra cakes are bound to gum up our insides, but what does science say.  While they don't address zebra cakes specifically they do look at the science behind processed foods.  And science always has something to say.  

Popular Blood Tests - The Facts, Ranges, and Alternatives You Should Know - Mark Sisson (Mark's Daily Apple)

Standard blood work doesn't always cut it.  Mark walks us through the most common blood tests, what they mean, and what we should be asking.  

Thanks Mark!

High Levels of Exercise Linked To Nine Years of Less Aging at the Cellular Level - Science Daily 

Exercise is awesome. Science is awesome.  Living longer is awesome.  

The New Science of Exercise - Mandy Oaklander (TIME Health)

A client shared this article in our member's private Facebook group and it was a hit.  This is definitely sharable material for your clients and tweetable material for your tweeter.  

"If there were a drug that could do for human health everything that exercise can, it would likely be the most valuable pharmaceutical ever developed."

Nonstop Natural Gains: The Neuro Typing System  - Christian Thibaudeau (T-Nation)

What type are you?  

How do you train and eat according to your type?

This is pretty fascinating stuff.  

Check it out! 

Fit Pro Unusual but Essential Tool 


Ever run a training session without music?  Don't, it sucks.  We have a 6000 sq ft facility and just two of these (Play:3 & Play:5) makes the whole place bump. 

And, because its all run via wifi I can change Coach Adam's death metal music into Disney show tunes as I am leaving the parking lot.   

A whole neeeww wooorldd....

P.S.  Here is a quick code for 2nd day shipping:  FRE2NDYSHP17 because no one likes to wait for sweet stuff 


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