Case Study - Marshall Ray

It’s all well and good when Trevor or I talk about how we are using Coach Catalyst in our gyms but let’s be honest - we are the creators of CC. We should be using it to enhance our coaching.

What I absolutely love is when I talk with someone who is using it to make a huge difference in their business. It might help them make more money. Or free up their time from busy work. Or get their clients incredible results.

Whatever it is, I believe there is a lot all of us can learn from how others are using Coach Catalyst.

Today I would like to introduce you to Marshall Ray. Marshall owns Faster Fitness in Brentwood, MO. At his gym, they provide primarily group personal training to 25-35 year old women and men who want to get lean and athletic.

Marshall has been a Coach Catalyst member for the past 7 months and in that time he has been able to take what once was a struggle and turned it into a main strength for his gym.

“Before Coach Catalyst, we struggled finding a way to help clients integrate the nutrition information that we were providing. Everyone says they’re eating good, but we knew the accountability just wasn’t there."

I think we have all been there before!

Like all of us, Marshall is busy running the gym, coaching clients and wearing multiple hats in the business. He needed something that would help keep his clients accountable but not create more headaches for him and his coaches.

“We chose Coach Catalyst because it was very simple to set up, with a perfect template. Since then we’ve seen how we can unleash it and are getting more creative every month!”

We love simple. And creativity!

“Coach Catalyst has provided a complete solution to our problem and much more,” adds Marshall.

These days Marshall and Faster Fitness are using Coach Catalyst in a couple main ways.

“We use it for our introduction 4 week sequence to help people integrate the primary healthy habits that we educate them on. Then we use it as our nutrition accountability tool for 6 week transformation challenges that we run a few times a year.”

Now you might already be using CC for challenges (that is the most common use case so far) but I love what Marshall is doing with his introduction sequence.

Think about it. What a great first impression and a way to stand out from every other fitness facility in your area!

You are showing a prospective new client you really care about their actions and you truly are there to help keep them accountable.

And is it working for Marshall??

“It has made it easy to provide nutrition accountability that people will follow. It’s helped us build it into their program and has lead to better retention and referrals.”

Better retention and referrals are great! Beyond that, it is helping get both his clients and his business better results.

“In our first transformation challenge, 50% of the people who finished the challenge hit the goal to lose 3% body fat in just 6 weeks. We’re in the midst of the third challenge with CC and everyone has grow to have more members than the last challenge.

“It’s made a huge impact on our program and has been a contributing factor to having our most successful year to date!”

That is what we love hearing!

A big thanks for Marshall Ray and Faster Fitness for sharing their story with us and hopefully this has sparked an idea or given you motivation to start having your most successful year as well.

If you want to have your best year ever with a simple done-for-you solution, click here to learn more about Coach Catalyst

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