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Today I would like to introduce you to our newest case study here at Coach Catalyst: Cheliza Krause and Ashton Girouard.

To give you a little background, Cheliza and Ashton are the owners of CK Fitness in Winnipeg.

CK Fitness is a females-only, private training studio with a significant focus on weight loss. They have recently entered the online world of personal training as well but their bread and butter are the bootcamps they offer 3 times per day, 6 days a week.

Before coming across Coach Catalyst, Cheliza and Ashton were struggling with accountability for their online training.

“We had dabbled in other apps like Trainerize but found them all to be WAY too much for what we actually needed. We desperately wanted to help more people who couldn't attend our private sessions or bootcamps because of external reason so online training was out next step.

"However we need a software/app that would allow us to check in, scan clients progress quickly and accurately without all the extra noise than came with other apps.”

Fortunately, Cheliza enrolled in Pat Rigsby’s Online Training Blueprint course. This was the first time she heard of Coach Catalyst. Good things came from it 🙂

“Pat mentioned Coach Catalyst as a platform to run online nutritional guidance. Since we had never heard of the program, we looked into it, found some of the youtube videos and were literally HOOKED. It was exactly what we were looking for at a VERY reasonable price.”

Once they got on the platform, Cheliza and Ashton realized the potential for many applications in their business!

“We are using Coach Catalyst for almost everything now! We offer the preloaded content of the 6 Week Nutrition Challenge with private training sign-ups, we adapted the Clean and Lean Challenge into our extremely successful Spring 6 and we are now working on creating a hybrid of training & nutrition every other day for strictly online training clients.

“We are going to run another challenge this fall (conveniently named Fall 6) with hopes of tweaking the original even further with more content and even better results!”

It’s awesome to see a coach take our done-for-you content but adapt it to fit their business and their needs! This is exactly what we set out to do. Give you a framework but allow you the flexibility to fit your gym!

And what has Coach Catalyst ended up doing for CK Fitness’s overall business?

“Coach Catalyst has been one of the most influential and profitable programs we have ever used (and we have programs from Mike Robertson all the way to John Berardi) and NOTHING works as easy and effortlessly as this software/app.

“It has made keeping our clients accountable a breeze. If the compliance percentage is below 60%, I am right in there like a dirty sock, asking the questions, making sure the client has what they need to succeed. We could never have done that without the app.

“Being able to message 45 clients with a bulk message saves time, the ability to individually coach within the Message tab is incredible (no more midnight text messages to my private phone!) and lastly, the fact that this is an educational platform is the most important. It’s not ‘here is what you do today’, it’s ‘here is some information on nutrition and things you can try.’

“I can not recommend this software/app program enough! If you use it for nothing else besides using the simpler 21 day programs as Front End offers, it is just the best accountability program out there right now!"

Pretty awesome if you ask me! Cheliza and Ashton have really taken Coach Catalyst to the next level in their business and have turned themselves into #SuperCoaches for their clients.

We would like to thank Cheliza, Ashton and everyone at CK Fitness for sharing their story with us and for being such awesome coaches.

If you would like to get the same level of accountability, education and compliance from your clients, either online or offline, click below to try out Coach Catalyst for 30 days to see if we are the right fit for you.

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